Funding Application – Key Considerations For Applicants

1. Your application must meet one or more of the identified community priorities.

read about the local priorities here

2. In order to apply your group will need to;
a. Be a not for profit organisation, third sector or community group
b. Have a bank account with 2 signatories or be able to nominate an organisation to hold funds on its behalf.
c. Have a governing document with name, aims, purpose, objectives, a dissolution clause and list of committee members or trustees or, for new groups, must be prepared to develop this.
d. Be undertaking the project in the West Marsh.

3. Your project proposal will need to clearly demonstrate;
a. Why your project is needed and how you know it is needed.
b. Who will benefit from your project.
c. How the people who will benefit are involved in your project.
d. The difference the project will make.
e. Which one of the 5 community priorities it will address and how.

4. Project proposal forms and guidance can be downloaded here:

CF Funding Proposal Template

CF Guidance Notes_How to request funds from your local panel

This page as a downloadable ‘key considerations’ document

Further general information about the fund and applications

5. Applications can be completed and sent to email;

6. Applicants without access to internet or email can complete the form in this pack and send it to Cllr Darren Billard, North East Lincolnshire Council, Municipal Offices, Town Hall Square, Grimsby DN31 1HU. Please be aware however that the best method of completing the application form is online as it will reach us instantly. This could be a deciding factor in the process. See item 7

Contact details

7. Applications submitted in time will be considered by the Panel.

More information about the Panel

8. The Panel will inform unsuccessful applicants, or applicants requiring further information.

9. The Panel will recommend projects for funding to the Community Development Foundation, who will then, subject to confirmation, enter into a contractual agreement with successful applicants.

10. Successful Applicants will be required to provide monitoring information at the conclusion of the project. This includes logs of volunteer hours and receipts for purchases.

Funding request details

11. Application must be for between £250 and £2500

a. Whether purchasing equipment, setting up an event, providing training or meeting some other community need with the funding you need to give clear evidence of real costs. See examples;
i. Bad example
£500 for planters + sundries
ii. Good example
8 x metre squared wooden planters at £50 each
2 x hammers at £5 each
4 x spades at £12 each.
Total cost = £458

Match Funding

12. The amount you apply for must be matched pound for pound, principally by volunteer time, but match can also include other funding, goods or services or a mix of these.

Notes about Match Funding

13. Volunteer time is to be calculated at an hourly rate of £11.09 per hour.

14. Break down your volunteer time to make it clear what volunteers will be doing e.g. for gardening project
a. Installation of planters
b. initial planting
c. maintenance – watering of plants, weeding etc
With each section show number of volunteers, number of hours per day or per week, over how many weeks.

The Community Priorities Are As Follows: (more here)

1: Housing and Environment.

To improve living and environmental conditions in the West Marsh.

2: Crime and antisocial behaviour.

To reduce crime and ASB in the West Marsh

3: Health, Well Being and Financial Inclusion.

To improve the standards of life for the residents of the West Marsh.

4: Education and employment.

To create job opportunities in the West Marsh.

5: Leisure Arts and Culture.

The need to enhance the range of things on offer for the residents of the West Marsh.

Guidance and Advice

Contact Councillor Darren Billard on 01472 313962.

or email requesting further information.