about Match Funding

Match funding is a critical aspect of any proposal to be funded by Community First

Groups funded by Community First Programme will have to demonstrate match funding, principally in volunteer time but can also include donated cash, goods and services.

Grants will be small, the maximum amount a group or organisation can be allocated in any year being £2500..

Groups are recommended to use an hourly rate for volunteer time of £11.09 for match time.


The amount you apply for must be matched pound for pound, principally by volunteer time, but match can also include other funding, goods or services or a mix of these.

Volunteer time is to be calculated at an hourly rate of £11.09 per hour.

Break down your volunteer time to make it clear what volunteers will be doing e.g. for gardening project
a. Installation of planters
b. initial planting
c. maintenance – watering of plants, weeding etc

With each section show number of volunteers, number of hours per day or per week, over how many weeks.