Local Priorities

The agreed Community Priorities in West Marsh are:

1:Housing and Environment.

To improve living and environmental conditions in the West Marsh. This includes the improvement of the street scene and, unused buildings and the parks, open spaces and natural assets of the ward.

2:Crime and antisocial behaviour.

To reduce crime and ASB in the West Marsh. This is particularly aimed at activities which will offer young people alternatives to poor behaviour and links strongly to education and leisure, arts and cultural activities.

3:Health, Well Being and Financial Inclusion.

To improve the standards of life for the residents of the West Marsh. The evidence suggests that if you want people to live long, prosperous and healthy lives then their happiness is the key ingredient to bringing that about.

4:Education and employment.

To create job opportunities in the West Marsh. The opportunities for employment look quite grim at the moment, so if you have ideas about local job creation and the sorts of things communities can do to help the situation then this area of development should be investigated.

5:Leisure Arts and Culture.

The need to enhance the range of things on offer for the residents of the West Marsh. This includes sporting, artistic and cultural activities which will offer positive activities and social opportunities to the residents of the West Marsh.


Community First applications should take these priorities into account.