Community First in West Marsh has successfully allocated funding for various local projects and initiatives. These include:

Green Futures River Clearance Project (£2498) We at green Futures believe the river Freshney to be at the heart of our community and for a long time it has not been managed to a standard that echo’s not only the needs of the surrounding community but the fresh water ecology that depends on such management.
We would like to propose a system of seasonal management that improves the river ecology and aesthetics of the ‘Duke of York Gardens’ section of the river. We would like to manage the banks, litter and ecological aspects between Boulevard Avenue Bridge and Earl Street Bridge.
We propose to work with volunteers that have a vested interest in the river and would like to start in July by cleaning out all litter and trimming identified areas along the designated stretch of river.
We understand that through the summer months the wildlife is prolific along this stretch and do not want to impact upon it; therefore further sessions are to be booked in for September and again in October so we can look at duck island and it’s tree’s, the nest sites and the micro habitats for invertebrates and fish life; with each session publicised and documented in photo and video.

St Hughes Meals on Wheels (£2494.76) We propose to offer a hot fresh cooked meal delivered to the home for a reasonable charge to vulnerable residents of the West Marsh area in the first instance. Feedback during the first six months will determine whether the project should be expanded

As no-one locally seemed to offer the ‘traditional dinner brought in by a friendly face’ that lies at the heart of our project,

In addition to offering a nourishing meal the “care” element of the service will be much required by those who seldom get out or see anyone and, the project aims will become a channel of communication between isolated people and the service providers whose role is to support them and make life a little easier for them. We envisage ourselves as becoming someone who can offer other assistance or if not sign post to agencies that can.

Our volunteers will be well trained to deal with on the spot issues which may arise daily and provide information and help with – fire safety, energy saving crime reduction etc – as well as flagging up the social activities available in the Ward’s community centres.

West Marsh Development Trust Toilets (£1875) Within the 12yrs our group has been in existence the toilets have only been revamped once, within this time the usage of the centre by members of the West Marsh and others has increased 4 fold (300 +) which has a detrimental effect on longevity of wash room amenities. Sanitation is high on people’s agenda especially in this age of super cleanliness and because of the age and condition of all our facilities we are finding it difficult to clean and look presentable.

Snaprats basketball(£2490) To engage young people of what ever age Gender and ability to participate in a community club.
To offer the chance of obtaining qualifications in Basketball and a feeling of ‘belonging’ to a social/community group where everyone is equal.
The chance of competitive matches against teams from different age ranges, abilities and ethnicity in different parts of the country. It is also to build self discipline and self actualisation whilst engaging in a team sport that requires a healthy life style to be a necessity, (and is openly encouraged.)
By offering a pathway to people, long term, with by our link to local schools and National League Basketball teams.
To engage and deliver to the less fortunate in our Ward.

Haycroft Gardening Group church gardens (£1160)

Macaulay Area Action Group performing arts (£901) A group of 16 year old residents of the West Marsh, who attend Whitgift School, are interested in the performing arts and want to start a drama group at the MAAG Hall.  Initially this will be over six months, culminating in a show for local residents. The group intend to write their own dramas, choreograph the dances, make the costumes, produce the dramas, advertise them and present them to residents in the area.  If they raise any money from their performances, it will be given to charity. They will rehearse at the MAAG Hall for two hours a week, and will be overseen by an adult volunteer at all times.

Grimsby Guides camp (£2500) This camp takes place every 4 to 5 years. It varies according to other regional activities. This can be a life changing opportunity for participants. It is an opportunity for the young people to enjoy numerous outdoor activities with freedom in a secure environment. They learn independence skills and have the chance to make new friends from different places across the country. Participants are often inspired to become leaders in specific activity/skill areas. Participants mature in a way that their parents have remarked upon as being “life changing”. Although parents find it difficult to raise the money to send their children they do see it as value for money long term compared to school trips and family holidays.
There is a pre-camp in spring half term.

Over 50’s club xmas (£2340) We are an active over 50s Social Club operating from the West Marsh Community Centre. We are a standalone Organisation and do most of our own funding bids to enable us to stay that way. We are hoping to find enough funding to hold a Christmas Meal, obtain some Board Games, including a Small Bingo Machine and an amount for prizes, all of which will help keep members entertained. Transport for some of our less able members is a problem mainly because we only have one car so we are seeking some help to combat this. Last but not least help with room hire for the coming year to keep us safe, warm and happy with our lot.

West Marsh Centre gardening (£2010.50)